World’s Hottest Pizza? Possibly….

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World’s Hottest Pizza? Possibly….

Summer’s over….and it’s and now things are getting really hot! We’ve been tinkering away at Stone Willy’s HQ to create a pizza that would make a bonfire seem slightly cold.

Say hello to Volcanica, featuring not only your old friendly jalapeños and chilli oil but also topped with Bhut Jolokia Chilli flakes: AKA the ‘ghost’ chilli and up until recently the world’s hottest chilli.

We’re not saying it’s really, really hot but best not give to kids, and we’re giving a free 500ml bottle of water with every 12” Volcanica.

Guess that’s out disclaimer….enjoy!

It’ll be available in most Stone Willy’s locations until 30 / 11 / 14.