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The No.1 Pizza Concept

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The No.1 Pizza concept for Fish & Chip shops

Stone Willy’s currently operates in over 100 Fish & Chip Shops throughout the UK. We’ve got a tried and tested menu of pizzas, burgers and wraps. All of the products can be prepared with minimum fuss.

Giving you a pizza shop in your fish shop

If you’d like to add to your menu but are tight on space the Stone Willy’s menu allows you to easily cook pizzas, burgers and wraps - all in just one oven.

The Express Package

Our most comprehensive package yet for Fish & Chip Shops

Our latest package for fish shops features the new HSO Combi-7 Oven. No extraction is required and power from a 13A plug allows you to immediately plug and play. Our licence gives you access to our branding, operational procedures and marketing material, as well as providing you with your own exclusive area in which to sell Stone Willy’s.

The express package price

After a half day’s training you'll be ready to start

Here is a selection of our menu that is enduringly popular in fish and chip shops throughout the UK. The HSO-Combi 7 means you’ll be able to cook pizzas, burgers and wraps - all in under 4 minutes - keeping those queues moving. Typical menu including RRP:

The Stone Willy’s Menu

The Ideal Food-To-Go Solution for Convenience Stores

Easily add an all day hot food concept to your convenience store. With customers coming in from breakfast to supper, Stone Willy’s can give your customers a menu that works all day long. From great-tasting bacon sandwiches first...

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The No.1 Pizza concept for student unions

We sold over 10,000 pizzas in Student Unions last year. Fact. We’ve been working with Student Unions throughout the country for the last 10 years. We’ve designed a menu that is perfect for S.U. bars. It is simple enough to be operated...

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The No.1 Pizza concept for stand alones

Opening your own pizza shop is an exciting and big commitment. The pizza market is a competitive one and the hours can be very anti-social but the rewards can be great. Stone Willy’s Pizza offers the right operator...

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