Stone Willy’s Kitchen

The All Day Food To Go Concept For Forecourts

A great food offer is a core element for all forecourts looking to keep customers returning.

Over the last few years, Stone Willy’s Kitchen has been designed around the behaviour of customers and the abilities of forecourts to successfully operate food to go.


For the early birds, our Breakfast Wraps have become the go-to breakfast option: Bacon, sausage, cheese, hash browns & ketchup make it a super filling choice. For the operator, they are easy to prepare, offer a great margin and as they can be held hot for up to 3 hours, wastage is always low!


For Lunch on the go customers are spoilt for choice – cheesy Half Pizzas, piping hot wraps or freshly made on-site protein-packed sandwiches. All can be added to meal deals to give customers greater variety and increase average spend.

For customers driving home to an empty fridge, our pizzas will hit the spot – 12” pizzas can be cooked to order in just 2 minutes. Increasingly forecourts are taking advantage of their geographical location to provide an evening delivery service partnering up with the likes of Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats. Stone Willy’s can provide a full pizza shop menu for these services and sites have reported bringing in an additional £1000 per week by adding delivery.


Simplicity & Ease

The majority of forecourts do not have the space to add full counter service. Our ‘Express’ towers are available in sizes starting from just 600mm wide. The Stone Willy’s Menu includes a hot, cold and ambient selection of products for all day parts.

Our ‘towers’ can easily be added into a store without requiring shop fitting or building works removing cost barriers to starting serving food.


Staffing costs can really impact profitability of your food offer. Very busy locations can justify having a member of staff behind a counter for 10+ hours per day but for forecourts starting out on the food journey this is prohibitively expensive. Stone Willy’s Kitchen can be operated by one person at a time preparing the food for all day parts in just 6 hours a day. As sales increase, staff allowance can increase at the same time.

Brand Power

Stone Willy’s Kitchen has a full team to support you. We provide on-site training to help you launch making sure your staff are properly trained on all aspects of food preparation. We regularly visit the site to perform full site reviews to make sure your site is operating 100%.

All of this is supported by our marketing team. On-site we provide posters, bollard covers, banners, loyalty cards and vouchers to help drive awareness. Throughout the year we introduce innovative products and promotions to keep your customers coming back. Online we actively promote on social media to drive brand awareness and engage with your customers.


  • Dedicated food staff are vital to the success of food production. Speak to your team. Everybody has to be 100% for it to work. This is the single most important part.
  • You’ll need at least 1500Ltr of freezer space (the equivalent of 2 x double door freezers) and 600Ltr of fridge space (1 x upright fridge). We deliver at least twice a week nationally and supply all your ingredients except fresh salad items which are to be purchased separately from approved suppliers. Ideally a walk in fridge / freezer but we appreciate this isn’t always possible.
  • A food preparation area that has 2m of wall space for your oven and prep table. Additionally, a sink/wash area and separate hand wash.
  • Staff require a Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene Certificate.
  • A willingness to promote locally. Engaging with your customers is the best way to spread the word about your business. We can provide you with all the tools to do this.