Stone Willy’s Pizza

The ‘Dark Kitchen’ Pizza Concept

Add a high-profit revenue stream to your food business with the nation’s favourite take-away food!

  • Complete pizza concept including equipment and weekly food deliveries.
  • 9” 12” & 14” part-baked pizza bases available in thin-crust or deep pan
  • ‘How to make’ portion charts
  • Remote training, online reference library and on-going support
  • Print & Digital Marketing Support

Pizza Made Easy

The delivery market has changed massively in the last few years with more and more shops able to deliver their products through new Apps and customers increasing the amount they spend on food ordered in to eat at home.

It can be a daunting task trying to source all the products to make a great pizza – not to mention researching the right equipment, creating procedures for staff to follow AND then marketing your product.

Stone Willy’s Pizza can solve all these issues and get you up and running in just 1 day of training. We’ve got a team to support you on all operational elements so every pizza you create is a masterpiece.

Your Countertop Pizza Shop

With your existing shop, you will have 90% of the items you need to be able to add pizza. Ovens have got smaller and smarter over the last few years the CIBO is one of the best, cooking 12” pizzas in just 2 minutes. The CIBO will even take our massive 14” x 11” XL Quad Pizza in 3 minutes. We’ll provide a programmed oven that is ready to go from the moment you get it out of the box and as it is a standard 13A plug you can easily position it in your kitchen to get going. 

Requirements for operating Stone Willy’s Pizza

  • At least 6ft freezer space to store product. We have a minimum of twice-weekly frozen deliveries nationwide.
  • Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety Certificates for all staff handling food
  • 5 Star rating from Scores on the Doors. We reserve the right to remove brand association with stores that do not achieve this.
  • Only using Stone Willy’s Pizza approved products on a Stone Willy’s Pizza

Set Up Costs

To Set up Stone Willy’s Pizza in your business including, an oven, training, procedural guides and marketing materials is £3,000+VAT. This can be set up on lease-purchase costing at little as £4 per day over 3 years. There is a monthly management fee of £20 per week billed at £80 per month.

Profit Calculator

  • 12” Pizza Sale Price – £7.99
  • Without VAT – £6.40
  • Cost of Goods – £2.60
  • Net Profit per Pizza – £3.80


  • Units sold per day 10
  • Daily/ Monthly / Annual £38.00 / £1064 / £12,768
  • After Equipment & £31.00 / £868 / £10,416
  • Management Fee Costs